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Born: November 3, 1997

Place of Birth: Tulsa, OK

Death: July 18, 2013

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Cleveland, OK

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Cole Joshua Davis

    November 3, 1997  -  July 18, 2013
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Life Legacy

Cole Joshua Davis was born November 3, 1997 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was the son of James Lee and Kelly Renee (Shinpoch) Davis. Cole never learned to crawl; he leaned forward and then ran trying to keep up with his body and was always in a hurry. Cole knew everyone around him and they loved him and he always felt there were more people out there he hadn’t met

When Cole was four he decided he wanted to ride a four wheeler without his brothers, because he knew how and he was big enough to do it. Cole could talk anyone into anything and convinced his dad he could handle that big four wheeler and his dad let him. Amazingly he succeeded to ride the four-wheeler and spent countless hours riding. People often stopped on the highway to chasten his parents allowing that little bitty boy to ride that great big machine. But, Cole rode it and he rode it well. Cole loved anything with wheels and enjoyed racing his four-wheeler for a couple of years and won many trophies. He could have won more if he didn’t have to stop at every hill and look over his shoulder all the time. He always had to know where everyone was, costing him first place in several races.

Cole attended school in Cleveland until the 7th grade. He suffered from hearing loss and did not hear words correctly at times causing him difficulty in school. Vickie Vokey homeschooled Cole part of his 7th and all of his 8th grade year and assisted him in catching up on his school work. After moving out to Lake Keystone, Cole started high school at Mannford. He shared with his mother that he had met all the kids in Cleveland and it would be nice to meet the ones in Mannford as was of the many reasons he had for wanting to go to school there. Cole completed his 9th grade year at Mannford High School.

Cole loved to play and especially enjoyed tee ball, coach pitch, and little league coached by Robert Stephens and Ryan Griffith. However, Cole did not “play ball”; he finally discovered it was much more fun to sit in the dugout and play in the dirt and visit with all the parents than to stand in a hot field and wait on the ball to come to him. Robert and Ryan had a huge impact in Cole’s life as he was growing up. They were always there for Cole whether or it was on the ball field, in the church, or out in the community.

Cole loved people. There are very few people in Cleveland that he does not know. He made it a point to remember every person and could always tell you something about them even though he could never remember their name. He didn’t care if you were 4 or 90 he would help you do anything you needed and would spend time with anyone that would listen to him. Cole loved the handicapped and read stories and played games with the guys at the workshop when his mother worked there. When his mother was on the Chamber board Cole volunteered at all the community projects.

Cole loved going to church and always attended every vacation bible school in town until he outgrew bible school. He attended Western Heights Baptist Church where David Head was a great influence in Cole’s life but Charlie Clanton and Larry Castleberry had the biggest influence. Charlie would not allow anyone else in the church to hold Cole. Charlie, who has now passed on, would take Cole from his mother when she arrived and give him back when she left. Cole started out with Charlie greeting everyone that came in the door as a two month old baby boy and continued to greet with Charlie and Larry until right before Charlie’s death. Cole then decided that he and his mother should start attending the First Baptist Church in Cleveland so that is what they did. Cole was baptized later that year. While attending First Baptist, Cole met Amy Nation and he loved Amy. She was the first person he wanted to hug and the last person he wanted to see before we left. After moving out on the lake Cole attended the Mannford First Baptist Church, the Lake Church, and the Mannford Church of Christ.

While being home schooled he volunteered at the Mannford Church of Christ serving a meal for the High School students while they had fellowship at lunch time. He also volunteered at the American Therapeutic Riding Center where he worked with persons with mental and or physical disabilities. Cole didn’t care if you were old, young, or the extent of your disability; he loved you anyway.

Cole loved to work. He started mowing lawns at the age of ten when he was big enough to push the mower. He loved Jan Keegan and helped Jan maintain her rent houses. He would do any job that anyone would allow him to do. At the time of Cole’s death he was working part time as a boat mechanic at the boat shop. He also helped Bob change tires and did other auto repair at RDJ’s shop. Not to mention all the elderly neighbors he would help do the jobs they were not physically able to do. He fixed roofs, put down the wood floors in our home, cut wood for people and anything else they would let him do. He also made sure Ailene Sparks’s walkway was always cleared when it snowed. Cole loved to work and he was good at most anything he tried.

Cole loved to help people. He helped his mother deliver meds to the clinic patients she worked with. He didn’t care if they had money or lived in not so choice circumstances. He loved everyone and had to have a chat with all of them before getting back in the car. Cole helped his mother deliver meds just last week. Cole also helped coach his cousin Braden’s soccer team last summer.

Cole loved his daddy and loved to ride with him in his eighteen wheel truck. He loved to sit in his lap and help dad steer. He later learned how to drive daddy’s big truck although he was not allowed to drive it anywhere close to as much as he would have liked. He never understood why you had to be 16 to drive and 18 to drive a big truck when he had been driving something almost his entire life.

Cole loved his granny and Papa. He loved to push his Papa in his wheelchair and spending time with him until he passed. He loved being with his grandmother, being on the farm, and riding the horses all of which he did just this past weekend. He also loved his brothers. He loved to run around with them and spend time with them. He always wanted to be as big as they were. He loved his sisters and enjoyed visiting with them in Virginia. He also loved his cousins Emma, Jessica, Casey, Braden, and Weston. He enjoyed the time he got to spend with them on holidays. Cole loved his family and loved his friends and was loved by all whose lives he touched. He always wanted to do everything; do it right now and as fast as possible. There were always more places to go and more people to meet. We would like to think that that is what he is doing now.

Cole passed from this life on Thursday, July 18, 2013 at the age of fifteen. He is survived by his parents, Kelly Renee and James Lee Davis, Jr. of the home in Terlton, Oklahoma; brothers, Christopher Lee Davis of Cleveland, Thomas Alan Davis of Terlton, Jesse Lee Davis of Halifax, Virginia, and Shane Lee Davis of Virginia; two sisters, Jessica Leigh Givens and Tiffany Deann Branham of Big Island, Virginia; and his maternal grandmother, Kay Shinpoch of Oktaha, Oklahoma. He was preceded in death by paternal grandparents, James Lee and Fleecey Davis and his maternal grandfather, Thomas Boyd Shinpoch.

Church Services will be held 2:00 PM Saturday, July 20, 2013 at Western Heights Baptist Church with Rev. David Head officiating. Memorial contributions may be made to . Friends may share a memory with the family at the funeral home or online at